tips on creating a nursery room that is fun and stylish, but also one that's functional for baby & mom

by Dia Hollenbeck Minkow

so five things first…

space size & configuration…
knowing the actual size of your space will alleviate challenges ahead
plan from here where to place the larger pieces, ideally the crib & changing table should be close to one another 
make sure that you know where heating/cooling vents are as you don’t want to have the baby nearby
don’t block electrical outlets, you’ll need them so make them accessible but safe using baby proof covers

the nursery room will serve many purposes, so keep in mind it will grow as your child grows 
opt for decor that will easily transition from baby to toddler

storage space…
make it convenient by using vertical storage such as hanging closet organizers for clothing, baskets for toys and a diaper organizer for baby’s essentials during diaper changing moments

invest in multi-functional furniture…
a crib that turns into a toddler bed 
a changing table that can be placed on a dresser & eventually removed
a bookshelf that can hold blankets and such which transitions into holding books & toys

simple but stylish…
start with a theme, but try to keep color tones neutral adding splashes of color or wall art
choose something timeless such as heirlooms or keepsakes to help personalize the space, framed artwork & photos are great touches