Beauty and the Bump - Tips to care for your bump

by Dia Hollenbeck Minkow


When you are pregnant there are always things that kind of surprise you. For some reason moms don’t want to discuss the challenges of the body changing. Instead they make it seem like everything is breezy, blissful, and easy. One thing I experienced that was a surprise was that as your belly grows it starts to itch like crazy. This is caused by the shift in hormones. 

Here are some of my tricks to make it better –

  • Switch from super hot baths or showers to warm
  • Use a fragrance free/gentle/natural body wash
  • Once a week exfoliate your belly with an all natural scrub 

Try this DIY scrub:

Lemon Salt Scrub – this an uplifting scent

What you need – 

Epsom Salts or Sea Salt 

Burt’s Bees Lemon Body Oil 

Zest of a Lemon

A jar – lots to choose from on

Directions –

Mix 2 Cups of the salt you choose with 1 Cup of the oil

Mix in Lemon Zest – use as little or as much as you like

Place in cute jar

Create a cute label

Finally massage your bump with an all natural moisturizing oil, coconut or almond oil are my favorites! And p.s. they both help with stretch marks...bonus.