the baby registry

by Dia Hollenbeck Minkow

as an expecting new parent, you have a ton of choices to make about what's best for your baby and you can be sure that your mom, sister, best friend, neighbor and baby store salesperson are all going to tell you what they think. But what you choose for your child is up to you, so here are some suggestions to make the overwhelming task of registering a bit easier...

reach out to mothers you know/trust and ask them what their must haves were and by process of elimination you'll be able to determine what items are highlighted (swaddle blankets, baby carriers, monitors, strollers, cribs) versus what is just propaganda (wipe warmers, newborn clothing/shoes, sleep positioners, exersaucers)...

register for items that would be useful down the road as your baby grows

ask for items that are for mum day, meal delivery etc. 

babies don't need that much stuff and you don't need clutter, rather what your new bundle does need is quite simple: sleep
over and over, forever and ever.