pregnancy in the heat of the summer...

by Dia Hollenbeck Minkow

With your belly getting bigger and bigger just as we head into summer, you may find yourself wondering if you’ll make it out alive. But don’t worry -- while it’s true that a summer pregnancy isn’t always easy, here are a few tricks to ease your hot-weather woes.

Summer Bummer #1: Dehydration Getting enough fluids is especially tough in the hot summer months. Ordinarily, you should try to drink two liters of clear liquids every day, but in the summer, you need to add eight ounces for every hour you spend in the heat, that’s basically the amount you’ll be sweating out.

Cool Fix: Icy concoctions
Since you’ll be constantly sipping, make your drink a fun one. Try out a mocktail: chilled seltzer with a splash of mango juice and lime. The mango is loaded with vitamin C and iron. Pretend you’re relaxing on a tropical beach!

Summer Bummer #2: Swelling Edema can be worse in summer, causing your calves, ankles, and feet to become one wide, bloated mass. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Cool Fix: Kick up your heels!
To help reduce swelling, make an effort to keep your legs up whenever you can -- even in the office, for an extra-relaxing way to lounge, try a comfy hanging seat

Summer Bummer #3: Extreme heat Obvious but true: It’s steaming. You’re huge. It stinks.

Cool Fix: Get wet
Water is a mama-to-be’s best friend, so don't shy away from the pool! An afternoon dip will not only lower your body temp, the buoyancy will also ease the stress on your squished organs, and splashing around provides a great low-impact workout. Plus, you’ll have the chance to really show off that belly! Go on -- be brave and bare your bump!

Summer Bummer #4: Sticky sweat Okay, so the summer may have you chafing a bit. But the best thing about a summer pregnancy: lightweight and comfy maternity clothes!

Cool Fix: Breathable maternity wear
For maximum cuteness and comfort, go for loose, light-colored clothes. This helps keep you from overheating and allows sweat -- especially beneath and between your boobs -- to evaporate, preventing nasty rashes. 

Summer Bummer #5: Boredom The simplest way to keep your body temp on track? “Stay indoors in an air-conditioned home,”  But how’s a girl to keep her sanity when she’s hanging out on the couch in the living room all day?

Cool Fix: Fun summer rentals
Beat the heat with a few belly laughs courtesy of some baby-focused DVD favorites. Your, er, “condition” might have you looking at a couple of ’80s and ’90s classics in a whole new light. Remember Junior? How about Father of the Bride Part IILook Who’s Talking and Nine Monthsare great for a chuckle too. Renting (rather than hitting the theaters) will give you the freedom to pause the flick and walk around to ease your aches (or pee every 10 minutes).